Al-Noor children visit Synagogue

Jun 27, 2014 by

Twenty-four Muslim children have been given the opportunity to visit a synagogue to help identify the similarities and differences between the Jewish and Islamic faiths.

The Year Six pupils from Al-Noor Primary School in Green Lane visited the Bet Tikvah Synagogue in Perrymans Farm Road, Newbury Park, earlier this month for around an hour and a half. Rabbi David Hulbert said he invites many schools to the synagogue to develop awareness between different faiths. He said: “The schools visit the synagogue and I explain about the place and the faith. I also bring up the similarities between the two faiths. Obviously in Redbridge, we have a lot of different faiths so it is important for the next generation to learn about different faiths,” added Rabbi Hulbert. “Strangely schoolchildren end up learning more than their parents.”

Rabbi Hulbert said one of the main differences between the two faiths is being clean or not when praying. Muslims must be clean when in prayer, whereas Jews do not have to be. Children from the primary school in Ilford visit each year to develop their education.

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