Azhar Academy Shortlisted for House of Commons Presentation

Feb 2, 2015 by

Azhar Academy Girls School were one of three schools shortlisted for a prestigious House of Commons presentation to Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change. The girls presented their innovative sustainability solutions to be implemented around their school.

A teacher at the school informed us, “The event was an exciting opportunity for the school to help lead the way on environmental and sustainability issues and have their voices heard in government as well as inspire Azhar Academy students to take practical action to address environmental issues and rejuvenate this forgotten aspect of the Prophetic way.”

The aim of the event was to engage Muslim schools with the sustainability agenda and increase understanding of the work being undertaken by the UK government to address current environmental issues such as climate change.

And the girls certainly did that with their well-thought-out water filtration system, and water pouch adoption strategy. Both these initiatives saved an incredible amount of water, with the former purifying 22,000 litres a year, and the latter saving a whopping 41,000 litres a year.

Azhar Academy were particularly grateful to “MADE in Europe” – a UK-based charity which works to mobilise young Muslims to be at the forefront of addressing global poverty, and social and environmental injustice through campaigning, education and lifestyle changes. MADE have worked closely with a number of Muslim schools all over the country to bring these kind of life-changing opportunities to young Muslims up and down the country.

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