Morocco Islamic Heritage Tour for School Leaders

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Date & Time
Wednesday 20 June 2018 - Monday 25 June 2018
All Day

Morocco Islamic Heritage Tour
Marrakesh - Atlas Mountains
Casablanca - Fez

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Introducing a unique opportunity for leaders at Muslim schools…

Take a journey through time and visit Morocco. The Golden Age of Islam in the Maghreb flourished and influenced its neighbours in Islamic Spain to the North. A region where cultures and faiths came together to coexist peacefully and laid the foundations for a civilisation that was to flourish for centuries.

Our Morocco Islamic Heritage Tour takes you through a fascinating journey into a country that has served as a portal between Europe and Africa ever since the Umayyad Caliphate conquered the region in the 7th Century.

As school leaders, what you have taught in your classrooms truly comes alive. See the contribution made by this major centre of the Islamic civilisation in the fields of poetry, art, crafts, architecture, science, agriculture, engineering and textiles.

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The full itinerary will include a guided tour of Marrakesh and the various Islamic sites within the Medina. The tour will then move on to the Atlas Mountains and the ancient city of Fez where you’ll be guided around the various Islamic sites. There will also be a visit to the city of Casablanca where you’ll have the opportunity to visit the hugely impressive modern marvel of Islamic construction, the Hassan II Mosque. We encourage all school leaders to bring their students to see how Islam flourished in the Maghreb and influenced a neighbouring Europe.

View the full itinerary by clicking here.


School leaders who attend the Morocco Islamic Heritage Tour with AMS will be entitled to a full refund on this trip if their school books a trip with Islamic School Tours in 2018/19. For more information, please email for full terms and conditions.



The total cost of the full package is £430.00 if the booking form and £150.00 deposit for each traveler is received by Friday 30th March 2018. The price thereafter will increase to £499.00.



All attendees must book using the form below. Please have your passport details ready and ensure the information is correctly entered (e.g. your name is exactly as it appears on your passport).



Bookings are closed for this event.

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