National Inset Day [South] January 2013 @ London Muslim Centre

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Date & Time
Monday 07 January 2013
9:00am - 3:30pm

East London Mosque & London Muslim Centre
46-92 Whitechapel Road
E1 1JX

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Prices start from £0.00
110 spaces available

National Inset Day [South] January 2013 @ London Muslim Centre

A day-long training aimed at the whole school on Monday 7th January 2013

The Association of Muslim Schools UK South Hub is pleased to invite you to its National Inset Day entitled ‘Striving for Excellence’ which will take place in East London in the new year insha’Allah.  A day-long training event for the whole school where attendees will, insha’Allah, be inspired by a key note morning speech followed by a wide range of 12 insets.  Delegates to choose one Inset to attend throughout the day.


Venue: East London Mosque & London Muslim Centre, 46-92 Whitechapel Road, London E1 1JX.

Date & Time:  Monday 7th January 2013, 9am – 3.30pm

Keynote speech:  Mufti Abdur Rahman Ibn Yusuf (White Thread Press)

Insets & Trainers: 

Inset A:     Building Capacity in Schools

Facilitator Sr. Someera Butt        (Head Teacher Al-Noor Primary school)

Target Audience: Head Teachers and Senior Teachers

What would you say is the single most important factor to develop capacity in a school? Is it the personal professional development of a school leader – their professional attributes and behaviours, their knowledge and skill in distributed leadership, coaching across the school (and other CPD). Developing and sharing/communicating the school vision, change management and communication


Inset B:      How Leadership & Management (L & M) can Impact Improvements in Teaching, Learning and Whole School Development

Facilitator: Sr. Michele Messaoudi          (Lead Inspector)

Target Audience: Head Teachers and Senior Teachers

This workshop will look at one of the most important components of L&M which is  the ability to improve teaching and learning which entails self-evaluation, identifying strengths and weaknesses in teaching and learning and methods that can be employed to monitor T&L. The second session will focus on how T & L will feed into preparing a solid School Development Plan.


Inset C: Safer recruitment Training

Facilitator: Br. Tahir Alam            (NCSL Approved Trainer & Schools Inspector)

Target Audience: Senior Management and person responsible for staff recruitment

This workshop is broken down into 4 sessions, the core elements of sessions 2 and 3 relating to the features of a safer recruitment process, and sessions 1 and 4 present the context or framework of the course


Inset D: What really improves learning?

Facilitator: Majid Ishaque            (Deputy Head Al-Noor Primary School)

Target Audience: Primary and Secondary Teachers

Teachers spend lots of time planning lessons for children. However, are they maximising the learning opportunities available to them? or are they wasting time on things that make little difference to pupils learning? In this workshop we will look at the evidence base for what really works and practical examples of how you can get them working in your classroom. Insha’Allah, attendees will leave the sessions feeling more confident about their teaching and well prepared to maximise the learning of pupils in their classes.


Inset E:  What is Outstanding Teaching

Facilitator: Andrea Hepplestone      (Director of Strategic Partnerships, Tauheedul Education)

Target Audience: Primary and Secondary Teachers

This workshop will concentrate on the aspects of what makes an outstanding Lesson. It will cover key aspects of outstanding teaching and learning to raise achievement. The workshop is aimed at teachers who would like to raise their teaching from Good to Outstanding.


Inset F:  Developing Spirituality and Nurturing Tarbiyah in your Pupils

Facilitator: Sheikh Babikr             (Imaam, Islamia Primary School)

Target Audience: Primary and Secondary Teachers

Muslim School’s mission is to develop an Islamic environment in which the whole school community develop true Islamic character and values. Our goal is to develop pupils who are beacon of light for the wider community. This workshop will focus on practical examples in how to develop spirituality and nurture Islamic Akhlaaq and Aadaab within both staff and pupils through a whole school approach.


Inset G: An approach towards a holistic Arabic Curriculum – A practitioners’ perspective

Facilitator: Br Eshan Imrit             (Al-Noor Primary School)

Target Audience: Primary and Secondary Teachers

This workshop will endeavour to highlight what underpins a holistic Arabic curriculum. It will focus on what triggers motivation in teaching and learning Arabic to non native students.  The workshop will be a platform to help practitioners to network and to create interactive resources using ICT as well as video recording to enhance pupil’s speaking and listening skills. There will be opportunities for participants to share good practice including ideas, resources and assessment techniques.


Inset H: Reflective Learning

Facilitator:          Deborah O’Sullivan (Ayesha Community School)

Target Audience: Primary & Secondary Teachers

This session will introduce you to the concept of reflective practice and benefits of using reflective practice your daily teaching routines to students. You will consider the application of theoretical models of reflective learning in your daily practice.


Inset I:  Developing Assessment systems for tracking Pupil Progress

Facilitator: Zaheera Navlakhi     (Senior Teacher Al-Noor Primary School)

Target Audience: Primary and Secondary Teachers

This workshop will look at the AfL strategy, how to develop and establish a robust assessment system in the school through use of APP in order to help support and ensure pupil progress. It will look at the aims, benefits and approach to assessment.

The workshop will also consider the process of assessment from preparing or planning to assess, through to conducting and giving feedback to students and parents. Attendees will be provided with some key APP resources for KS2/3 to support their assessment.


Inset J: Engaging and enthusing your science students

Facilitator: Dr. Yeasmin Mortuza              (Educational Consultant, Pedogogics)

Target Audience: Secondary Science Teachers

This Workshop will focus on developing Teaching strategies for Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 secondary science. The course will cover techniques and strategies to engage, motivate, and enthuse young scientists in the classroom.

This course is designed for schools with little or no practical science facilities to fully equipped Science Labs.


Inset K: Developing Special Educational Needs Skills

Facilitator: Elizabeth Yauner      (Head of Inclusion Team, Hackney Learning Trust)

Target Audience: SENCO, Inclusion Managers & TA’s- Cross-Phase

This Workshop will be split into two distinct sessions. The morning session will focus on the deployment of TAs as highlighted in the latest up to date research on SEND and how they impact on raising achievement. The session will also look at the use of programmes and evaluating progress pupil progress. The afternoon session will concentrate on behaviour and provide strategies for managing behaviour and how it impacts learning.


Inset L: Lesson Planning – Raising Performance from Satisfactory – Good

Facilitator: Sdaqat Jabeen (Headteacher, Islamia Girls High School Brent)

Target Audience: Primary & Secondary

This Workshop will provide a range of ideas and practical examples of how to raise your lesson from satisfactory to Good. It s main focus will be on lesson planning, looking briefly at learning styles, teacher pupil interaction, effective Q & A and feedback. The afternoon session will concentrate on behaviour for learning.


Course Fee:  £25 per attendees.  Price includes lunch & refreshments throughout the day.

How to Register: To register for this event please complete the booking form below.


For further enquiries please call: 01212850710 / 07872464030 or email:



Bookings are closed for this event.

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