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Date & Time
Saturday 12 November 2016
9:30am - 4:30pm

Madani Schools Federation
77 Evington Valley Road

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School Leadership Conference

Designed for headteachers, deputy heads, assistant heads, governors and trustees to learn, network and share best practice, the School Leadership Conference offers a selection of workshops, aimed at various members of your school’s leadership, taking into account the current needs and issues facing Muslim schools. There will also be an opportunity to discuss your concerns with educational experts during our networking sessions and the chance to learn about and access school resources from AMS UK’s service partners and exhibitors with exclusive offers for member schools.

The theme of this year’s conference is ‘Transformational Leadership’ with the aim to develop thought leadership amongst the Muslim school leadership in order to catalyse transformative practice and:

  • raise awareness of trends in education policy and practice and ways to capitalise on challenges and opportunities being presented
  • highlight good practice in the education sector and means for it to be embedded within the Muslim school movement
  • encourage debate and critical thinking on pedagogy, sustainability, ‘mainstream appeal’, ‘value-added’ and compliance across the Muslim school movement
  • establish key priorities for the Muslim school leadership to pursue over the short to medium term through practical steps and support from expert practitioners
  • stimulate networking between the Muslim sector and wider partners and schools

The agenda for the 2016 School Leadership Conference can be downloaded by clicking here.



The School Leadership Conference features an exciting line-up of inspiring speakers in the field of education, Islamic and mainstream, in the UK and abroad.


Edris Khamissa (AMS South Africa)

Edris Khamissa is a well known international educationist and trainer who has conducted workshops and seminars in South Africa, Nigeria, Zambia, Australia, United Kingdom, North America, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. He is an excellent motivational speaker who has tremendous faith in man’s capacity to make a change. What permeates his presentations, is his passion and commitment – his anecdotes, together with his knowledge, make his presentations animated and insightful. Many attendees of Edris’s workshops have commented on how life-changing his programmes are.

Edris is actively involved in empowering the communities with knowledge and skills in youth development, curriculum development and staff development.


Malcolm Trobe (Association of School and College Leaders)

Malcolm Trobe has been Interim General Secretary for the Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL) since February 2016. He was previously Deputy General Secretary. Malcolm was for 17 years the headteacher of Malmesbury School in Wiltshire. He also taught in schools in Hampshire and Dudley and for five years was the TVEI (Technical and Vocational Educational Initiative) Director for Dudley MBC. In 1996 Malcolm joined ASCL Council. He served as chair of Funding, Pay and Conditions Committee, honorary secretary and vice president, and was ASCL president in 2006-07. He has worked full-time for ASCL from September 2008.

He is on the Advisory Board of Future Leaders, the Advisory Group of the EFA and works with a range of other government and associated groups. He previously served on the Board of the YPLA, the National Council of the LSC and the DCSF Expert Group on 14-19 education. He has also significant experience in curriculum and assessment having been a chief examiner at both ‘O’ level and GCSE.


Sheikh Ahmed Babikir (Ulfa Aid)

Sheikh Ahmed Babikir is a renowned Imam and educationalist, specialising in Tarbiyah (education and upbringing). He studied Islamic Sciences in Sudan under Shaykh Fatih Qaribullah and has certified ijazah in various Islamic disciplines, including Maliki fiqh (jurisprudence), Hadith (prophetic tradition), Aqeedah (theology), Tafsir (exegesis), Dawah and Tajweed under the tutelage of scholars and sages of Africa and the Middle East.

Sheikh Babikir, has served as the Imam of the Islamia Schools, which were founded by Yusuf Islam. He delivers workshops and conferences promoting Muslim schools and delivers courses in different Islamic subjects in universities and Islamic Centres. In 2004, Babikir founded Ulfa Aid, which is an international humanitarian relief charity helping the poor and needy around the world. He is also the Director and Founder of Rumi’s Cave, a community hub in West London.



The content of our workshops are perhaps the most key element of the School Leadership Conference. The AMS UK Shura Council is responsible for arranging a suitable programme, taking into account the most relevant issues being faced by Muslim schools. Delegates can select one workshop in each of the two sessions (morning and afternoon) from the following:


Morning workshops

A.  Curriculum Excellence (Primary)     [Sdaqat Jabeen]

With the many changes that have happened to the national curriculum, what successful models exist to deliver an enriching curriculum to pupils in Muslim schools? How are successful schools balancing different subjects, themes and political pressures in order to deliver a curriculum that is fit for purpose? What are the components of a ‘broad and balanced’ curriculum and how do we ensure creative and aesthetic aspects of the curriculum are embedded? This workshop will focus on curriculum design, planning and leadership to guide delegates on the steps needed to achieve curriculum excellence and initiate a process of continuous refinement to the pedagogy in their school.

Aimed at: Primary school and curriculum leaders

This workshop will be repeated in the afternoon for Secondary school leaders.


B.  Progress 8     [Akhmed Hussain]

Progress 8 is a secondary accountability measure to gauge progress of pupils across a selected set of 8 subjects. It is a type of value added measure, meaning that pupils’ results are compared to the actual achievements of other pupils with the same prior attainment. This workshop will look at the initial set of results from a random sample of schools and identify ways in which schools can enhance pupil performance but also better track, analyse and interpret data to ensure all pupils are making progress.

Aimed at: Secondary school and curriculum/key stage leaders

Akhmed Hussain is the current Headteacher of KD Grammar School for Boys in Manchester. He has substantial leadership experience in mainstream schools as Acting Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher covering a period of 14 years. He recently completed three years as Deputy Headteacher (Assessment, Progress and Standards) at a large state 11-18 Secondary School that achieved its highest ever GCSE and A level results. Akhmed has a BSC Hons in Chemistry, PGCE, NPQH and has completed the NCSL Headteacher Internship programme.


C.  Good Governance     [National Governors Association]    [FULLY BOOKED]

School regulations clearly state the prominent role governors must play in the effective stewardship and running of any school. What are the core features of good governance and what leadership structures and processes are needed to drive school performance, impact and ensure transparency and accountability at all levels? How do governors and senior leaders ensure that the Leadership and Management strand related to Ofsted standards are consistently being adhered to?

Aimed at: Governors, trustees, proprietors and Headteachers.

This workshop will be repeated in the afternoon

Trevor Kendrick is a school governor with extensive and varied experience which includes chairing governing bodies, discipline and appeal panels and undertaking strategic reviews of governance. He is highly skilled at conducting challenging conversations and in performance management and has brought about rapid development of governing bodies. While employed in both the public and private sectors Trevor has been responsible for designing and developing personal development programs and for the appraisal of staff including senior leaders of organisations. He has also acted in a consultative capacity on professional development and leadership and holds qualifications in vocational assessment and risk management. As chair of governors for a number of schools he has managed the professional development of headteachers and senior leaders for over five years.


D.  e-Safety – Effective Monitoring and Standards    [South West Grid for Learning]

The digital revolution has transformed the way in which we communicate in this global village. With this though comes a pressing need to ensure effective systems and processes are in place to safeguard online exploitation or misuse of school resources in a strategic, educative manner across governors, staff, parents and pupils. This workshop will discuss common issues faced by schools and feature an award-winning free resource that can be used to empower school leaders in embedding e-safety and complement their provision for ICT / GCSE Computing, PSHE and Safeguarding.

Aimed at: Members of a senior leadership team, designated leads for e-safety at staff and trustee/governance level.

This workshop will be repeated in the afternoon

Traci Good is an assessor and consultant for the South West Grid for Learning and their 360 Safe school self review programme (recognised by OfSTED as best practice). She is an EPICT Course Facilitator, CEOP Ambassador and has presented training for The Parent Zone for their Parenting in the Digital Age course. Traci is also an Online Safeguarding Consultant with many years’ experience helping to keep young people safe, both online and in the “real world”.  She has many years’ experience of providing training and support to those that care for young people in a personal or professional role. I specialise in providing tailored interactive training to each setting she encounters using up-to-date research.


E.  School Improvement and Action Planning (Part I)     [iAbacus]     [FULLY BOOKED]

Evaluating the effectiveness of your school can be a tiring, lonely task. This workshop will provide a comprehensive solution for any school to identify their strengths and areas for development against Ofsted standards as well as their own ethos, values and business model into a fully integrated plan of action for the medium to long term. This ‘whole school approach’ will also share ways to embed staff performance into school improvement planning and build senior and middle leadership capacity throughout this process.

This intensive workshop will be running either side of lunch and is in two parts – delegates must attend both sessions in order to fully benefit from the advice, resources and initiate their own strategy for school improvement and action planning that the trainer will help to formulate with those signing up to the workshop.

Aimed at: Headteachers, members of a senior leadership team, governors, trustees and proprietors.

This workshop is a full-day training session with delegates required to attend Parts I and II.

John Pearce (co-creator, iAbacus) was at first a teacher, then a middle and senior leader before becoming adviser and eventually Deputy Chief Inspector for Nottinghamshire in 1993.  Going freelance, in 1998, allowed him to focus on school improvement, rather than inspection.  His roles have included: supporting many Special Measures Schools; Headteacher; Executive Coach, National College Lead Facilitator & Regional Curriculum Adviser.  He has provided training and consultancy for hundreds of school leaders across the UK and abroad, specialising in leadership, evaluation, freelance consultancy and SMSC.


F.  Islamic Education – Principles and Effective Practice (Part I)

There are different approaches to harnessing the potential of every child in a faith-sensitive manner. What methods work best and how do Muslim schools stay true to the spirit of their Islamic ethos in the pluralistic society in which we all live?

This workshop will:

  • Ensure there is a consistent understanding of the principles and outcomes of Islamic education
  • Set out proven ways to nurture the personality, values and ethics among pupils
  • Discuss how to capture and measure impact on pupils, the school and community at large.

Due to the depth and breadth of the subject matter, this is a two-part workshop that delegates must commit to in order to maximize the learning taking place and have the confidence / know-how to implement identified actions in their own settings over the short to medium term.

Aimed at: Headteachers, members of a senior leadership team and Tarbiyah managers

This workshop is a full-day training session with delegates required to attend Parts I and II.


G.  PSHE – Principles and Effective Practice (Part I)     [PSHE Association]

AMS UK has signed up to a campaign led by the PSHE Association for PSHE to become a statutory requirement in all schools. This is necessary to develop the resilience, independence and wellbeing of pupils in order for them to be confident, articulate and active citizens. This workshop will guide participants in how to:

•    strategically plan for effective PSHE provision in their school
•    identify appropriate PSHE resources
•    deliver, monitor and evaluate the impact PSHE provision

All participants will need to attend both sessions either side of lunch as the trainer will provide a comprehensive framework and suite of resources for delegates to pursue for their setting in an interactive manner.

Aimed at: Senior and middle leaders, staff responsible for managing pastoral care/enrichment/PSHE provision.

This workshop is a full-day training session with delegates required to attend Parts I and II.

Karen Summers is a Subject Specialist for the PSHE Association and was previously Chair of the PSHE Association Advisory Council.  Her teaching experience lies across all school phases and within a number of local authorities.  Working as a Deputy Headteacher in a number of schools, Karen has led PSHE education in a variety of school settings. Previous work as a local authority adviser has enabled her to support school staff in specific areas of PSHE education; including sex and relationships, drugs and alcohol, bereavement and local healthy schools programmes. 



H.  Safeguarding (Part I)     [Paul Armitage]

Safeguarding has increasingly become a core facet of school compliance and pupil wellbeing over the last few years. Analyses of school inspections suggests that many schools struggle with different aspects of safeguarding, whether it is the compiling and maintaining an accurate Single Central Register (SCR), ensuring safeguarding and child protection policies reflect actual practices at school or understanding complex, sensitive issues – such as FGM and Prevent – and how to address them appropriately in their school.

This workshop, run in two-parts, will give:

•    a comprehensive overview of changes to safeguarding legislation and school inspection requirements and what to expect in the future;
•    solutions to overcome frequent challenges faced by schools in safeguarding policy and practice; and
•    a coherent system to track and audit safeguarding policy and practice and embed that into building capacity of staff, trustees and governors

All delegates must attend both parts of the workshop.

Aimed at: Headteachers, members of a senior leadership team, designated leads for safeguarding at staff and trustee/governance level.

This workshop is a full-day training session with delegates required to attend Parts I and II.

Paul Armitage is a qualified teacher and has extensive inspection experience in the UK and abroad. During his time as HMI for Ofsted, he undertook a wide range of inspection activities across all phases of education in both the maintained and independent sectors. He has also inspected teacher training and inspected secular as well as a wide range of faith schools including Muslim, Jewish, Sikh and Christian schools.

Paul’s track record also includes:

  • secondment to HM Government at a ministerial advisory level
  • secondment to the National Audit Office
  • Quality assuring Ofsted reports before being sent for final approval
  • Reporting Inspector for the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) 
  • Leading to the independent school inspection remit of one of the Ofsted inspection providers
  • Co-authoring the Abu Dhabi private school inspection framework, school self-evaluation form and guidance

Paul now undertakes private consultancy work and very recently conducted safeguarding reviews of independent schools in the UK and Europe as a result of a contract sponsored by Deloitte. He also undertakes school improvement and safeguarding reviews of maintained schools and independent schools as a result of a contract with Incyte.



Afternoon workshops

I.  Curriculum Excellence (Secondary)     [Sdaqat Jabeen]     [FULLY BOOKED]

This workshop is an adapted version of the morning session geared towards Secondary school leaders.

Aimed at: Secondary school and curriculum leaders


J.  Formative Assessment     [Lindy Griffiths]

Post-APP schools have adopted various ways to improve pupil learning and attainment. What methods are most effective and why? What good practice in teaching and learning exists that builds a culture of mastery and embeds pupils’ knowledge, skills and understanding and its application to everyday life? What can we learn from the initial set of results from end of KS1 and KS2 tests and what can we expect going forward?

Aimed at: Headteachers and key stage leads in primary schools.

Lindy Griffiths is an independent consultant, professional coach and experienced trainer with over 30 years of experience, specialising in Teaching and Learning, Behaviour Management and Governance. After 22 years of teaching and managing in schools, Lindy was part of a local authority school improvement team in the north-west of England. She worked with senior leadership teams in schools to develop policy and to devise and implement strategic planning. In addition she helped many departmental teams and individual teachers to improve their practice. Since becoming freelance, Lindy has worked in the UK and Europe on a number of initiatives including the training of coaching teams to work in schools to raise achievement and improve pedagogy.


K.  Good Governance     [National Governors Association]

This workshop is a repeat of the morning session.

Aimed at: Governors, trustees, proprietors and Headteachers.


L.  e-Safety – Effective Monitoring and Standards     [South West Grid for Learning]

This workshop is a repeat of the morning session.

Aimed at: Members of a senior leadership team, designated leads for e-safety at staff and trustee/governance level.


M.  School Improvement and Action Planning (Part II)     [iAbacus]     [FULLY BOOKED]

This workshop is a continuation of morning session.

Aimed at: Headteachers, members of a senior leadership team, governors, trustees and proprietors.


N.  Islamic Education – Principles and Effective Practice (Part II)

This workshop is a continuation of morning session.

Aimed at: Headteachers, members of a senior leadership team and Tarbiyah managers


O.  PSHE – Principles and Effective Practice (Part II)     [PSHE Association]

This workshop is a continuation of morning session.

Aimed at: Senior and middle leaders, staff responsible for managing pastoral care/enrichment/PSHE provision.


P.  Safeguarding (Part II)     [Paul Armitage]

This workshop is a continuation of morning session.

Aimed at: Headteachers, members of a senior leadership team, designated leads for safeguarding at staff and trustee/governance level.





The School Leadership Conference provides ample opportunities to meet with fellow educationalists and speak to experts regarding a number of school-related issues.

As an alternative to attending workshops, delegates can make the most of the structured networking opportunities by signing up to one of the following sessions instead:


SDP Logo (1)

New/proposed school advice surgery

For anyone wishing to receive expert one-to-one advice on any matter pertaining to the development of a proposed or recently registered school. Delegates can book a 20-minute appointment with one of our experts and receive direct guidance and support in the Early Years, Primary or Secondary sectors.


GL Assessment

Progress Tracking

GL Assessment solutions are designed to support a range of education professionals and include a large number of assessments suitable for teachers, SENCOs and specialist teachers to use in the classroom as well as tests for use by educational psychologists.

This session will look at what leaders can be doing to provide effective progress tracking across their school after the removal of assessment levels.

This session will only take place in the afternoon.


Media Management


To aid your school’s standing with the local community and beyond, it is important the leadership is able to effectively highlight the positive attributes of the school and ensure it is being regarded in the best possible way to encourage future admissions and support. This open session will look at what media-based strategies the senior leadership team can utilise in delivering a productive message about your school.

This session will only take place in the afternoon.

Financial Management


The financial health of independent schools underpins how much of their potential they can achieve. It is vital for schools to manage their finances effectively and maximise their limited resources. This open session will look at what the school leadership can do to make the most of their budget and suggest ways to make more funds available.

This session will only take place in the afternoon.


The above options will also allow delegates an extended visit to the exhibition stalls.



Throughout the day, there will be opportunities for delegates to view and access school resources from service providers in and around the educational sector. Representatives from these providers will be on hand to talk you through the benefits of these products and services so you can see the opportunities available to your school first-hand. Organisations that will be participating in this year’s conference are listed below.  


Event sponsor

School Kompanion The School Kompanion is working tirelessly with independent schools around the UK to raise standards in information management and build structured, cohesive school management platforms to support users at all stages in the education ladder. We hope you can join us at the School Leadership Conference to find out more about the School Kompanion.

The AMS UK School Leadership Conference is the largest annual gathering of Muslim school leaders in the UK and provides a great opportunity for businesses, charities and other organisations to promote their products and services to the sector. If you would like to exhibit at this event, please click here.


Crèche Facility

The School Leadership Conference will be offering an on-site crèche facility for parents with young children at a cost of £20.00 per child for the day. This service is dependent on the demand received, so if you require this service, please click here to submit a request.



To book tickets for this event, please use the form below and click on ‘Submit Booking’. Please make a note of the workshop options of each delegate when booking. For delegates who will be attending one the networking sessions instead of a workshop:

  1. Select ‘No workshop’ in the morning and/or afternoon workshop list.
  2. From the ‘Networking Options’, select the networking session for the delegate to attend in the morning and/or afternoon.
  3. If one of the ‘New/proposed school advice surgeries’ sessions is selected, you will be emailed the details of your one-to-one appointment.



Confirm your booking before this date to receive a discount. Later bookings will be at the full rate.

Booking terms and conditions:

  • Bookings are only confirmed when AMS UK has received a booking form and payment.
  • Early bird and group discounts only apply when payment has been received before the deadline.
  • All workshops have a limited capacity – once reached, no further bookings can be taken for that workshop. If, on the day, spaces become available due to cancellations, delegates may request to attend this workshop during registration.
  • Member discounts apply to schools who have paid their subscription for AMS UK membership and have no outstanding payments due. For more information about membership please click here.
  • Organisations who are not eligible for AMS UK membership (i.e. not a registered full-time day school with an Islamic ethos) can purchase a Service Pack and attend AMS UK events at member rates as well as enjoy a host of other benefits. Alternatively, you may attend the event as a non-member.


  • Bookings cancelled 29 days or more before the event date will be refunded in full.
  • Bookings cancelled 15 to 28 days before the event date will be refunded minus a £10.00 charge per ticket to cover administration costs.
  • Bookings cancelled 8 to 14 days before the event date be refunded minus a £20.00 charge per ticket to cover administration costs.
  • Bookings cancelled 7 days or less before the event date will not be refunded.
  • In the event workshops are cancelled, AMS UK will refund the full amount.



Bookings are closed for this event.

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