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Date & Time
Monday 07 January 2019
8:30am - 3:15pm

Al-Noor Primary School
619-625 Green Lane

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AMS invites teachers and leaders to choose from a wonderful selection of workshops in a wide range of areas catering for staff and different levels.

This is an ideal way for leaders to ensure staff are receiving high-quality CPD training at an affordable rate.



8.30am to 9.30am



9:00am to 9:45am

Keynote Address and Q&A


9:45am to 12.00pm

Workshops start


12.00pm to 1.15pm

Lunch and prayer


1.15pm to 3.15pm

Workshops resume


Keynote Speaker

We are delighted to announce we will be joined by our honoured guest, Ustadh Surkheel Sharif (Abu Aaliyah) who will address the audience and run a short Question & Answer session prior to the workshops commencing.

Ustadh Surkheel Sharif (Abu Aaliyah) is an imam, author, translator and Director of The Jawziyyah Institute. Abu Aaliyah has studied the Islamic sciences (theology, law and spirituality) with a number of scholars. He has been involved in Islamic teaching both in the UK and abroad since the late 1980s. He has authored a number of books including “More Fish Please”, “The Golden Rule of Differing” and “The Exquisite Pearl” as well as translating books from Arabic to English. He has an MA in Islamic Studies; serves as an imam for Eman Foundation in Goodmayes, London and has appeared on radio and TV. Some of his lectures and articles can be found at, and Abu Aaliyah lives in London with his wife and four grown up children. 



Workshops symbolWorkshops

Delegates can register to attend one of the full-day courses listed below and will receive a certificate of attendance for their CPD portfolios.


B. Guided Reading

Course Leader: Muzammil Sayed

Aimed at: Primary teachers and leaders

Guided reading has recently gained a lot of momentum of how it should be taught. The curriculum now states that guided reading should be prepared and not tested! What does this mean for teachers? This workshop aims to provide teachers with the essential knowledge of how to create useful guided reading lessons, by incorporating what the aims and objectives should include.

Muzammil Sayed is an engaging speaker who punctuates his delivery with stories and fascinating nuggets of information; Muzammil Sayed is the Literacy Lead and Assistant Head at Islamia Primary School with many years of experience in the field of education across different stages. Brought up as a Londoner, educated on a council estate, enlightened in Damascus; Muzammil has an MA in Arabic translation and Applied Linguistics and has been awarded for his work on guided reading in the 2017 Muslim Teacher’s awards.


D. Challenging Conversations

Course Leader: Wendy Gregory

Aimed at: Primary and secondary teachers and leaders

A difficult or challenging conversation is a conversation where you have to manage emotions and information in a sensitive way in order to:

  • address poor performance or conduct
  • deal with personal problems
  • investigate complaints/deal with grievances
  • comfort or reassure someone – for example, if they are to be made redundant
  • tackle personality clashes.

The conversation usually takes place one-to-one and can really test a teacher/leader’s skills.

This training will show you how to prepare for difficult or crucial conversations, how to manage and control the discussion process and how to ensure you are talking to pupils and colleagues as productive a way as possible. This will improve your confidence and enhance your knowledge and skills for reducing stress, taking action and tackling difficult conversations head on.

Wendy Gregory has a solid background of teaching experience gained across the age range from nursery through to adult learners. In addition, she has several years’ experience as a training consultant, with specialist areas being Behaviour, Pastoral, Psychology, Staff Relations, Parenting and Behaviour Management. Wendy’s style of delivery is lively and interactive aiming to get people thinking and talking! She is currently a counselling psychologist who manages an independent counselling service for pupils and staff in a number of organizations.


E. Delivering Excellence in Islamic Schools

Course Leader: Someera Butt

Aimed at: New or aspiring Senior Leaders

This workshop offer participants the chance to reflect on measures of excellence and whether they are on track to achieve it in their own schools. Excellence as measures against a school’s aims and a faith ethos will be considered alongside statutory measures such as Ofsted’s grade descriptors. The workshop will also examine how to develop leadership to have the capacity to deliver excellence.

Someera Butt is the serving Head Teacher of Al-Noor Primary school which has recently opened a Voluntary Aided maintained school of which she is also the head. She has been part of its growth for over 15 years, having transferred to primary after 6 years in the secondary sector. Someera also serves on the Shura Council of AMS UK, supporting aspects of school development in the South Hub.


F. Creativity & Challenge in the Islamic Studies and Qur'an Curriculum (FULLY BOOKED)

Course Leader: Sanel Abdurrahman Haskic

Aimed at: Primary Islamic Studies and Qur’an teachers and subject leaders

The outline of the workshop is similar to my last one at Quwwat ul-Islam. The Learning Objectives are five:

  • What are the goals of Islamic Education (general)?
  • What are the goals of Islamic Studies (specific)?
  • How to develop a “Creative Learning Environment” in our schools?
    • Creative Curriculum
    • Creative Teachers
    • Creative Lessons
  • Do we need an alternative Islamic Education?
  • What are some “practical Examples” of creativity for Islamic Studies & Qur’an lessons

Thus, the expected learning outcome would be to answer the above key-questions together and to benefit from each other’s experiences in-shaa-Allah. 

The workshop is mainly aimed at Primary School Islamic Studies and Qur’an teachers as well as subject leaders. However, the topics discussed can be adopted across all key stages. Parts of the workshop is about key-philosophies of Islamic Education hence, even leaders who may be interested in adopting a more “wholesome” Islamic Education may benefit.

Mu’allim Sanel Abdurrahman Haskic was born and raised in Switzerland. He completed a B.A. in Islamic Studies from the Islamic University of Madinah. There he also gained a general ij?za (minor accreditation) for some books of ?ad?th and fiqh. Upon his return to Europe, he completed an M.A. in Islamic Education from the University of Gloucestershire (through MIHE) and the NPQSL Diploma from Eastern Leadership Centre (through AMS). Sanel currently works as Deputy Head at Apex Primary School in East London. He is a regular kha??b and holds Islamic classes and seminars worldwide.


I. Teaching Art for Excellence and Progress

Course Leader: Daniela Zerouak

Aimed at: Primary art teachers and TAs

This course is aiming to support implementation of two key aspects of the new Art & Design curriculum – the creation of sketch books in which pupils can record, review and revisit ideas and working towards the mastery of art and design techniques with a range of media. Participants will trial a number of fun, simple drawing warm-ups that build observational skills and confidence and will learn strategies which can be used with pupils. They will be creating a sketchbook for themselves throughout the day based on an “Inspired by nature” mini project

Daniela Zerouak has been an Art and Design coordinator since 2011 and designed the SOW which has improved standards of art and design across the school. She has delivered a number of successful staff trainings and INSET sessions, aiming to develop pedagogicalas well as practical knowledge. She is currently Assistant Head at Al-Noor Primary School and her duties include overseeing aesthetic and creative provision in the school.


J. PE for Non-Specialists

Course Leader: Imran Khan & Shagufta Rashid (Go Activate)

Aimed at: Primary and secondary staff members responsible for leading or covering PE lessons

Having been into schools we have found that teachers feel less confident when teaching PE. The day will focus on helping teachers to improve their pedagogical skills. Hopefully attendees should leave feeling somewhat re-assured in responding to a range of unforeseen circumstances that they may encounter in PE too. We will provide a full programme of the day in advance. But as a rough outline we will focus on the lesson planning , delivery and post-lesson student tracking. These 3 areas are  fairly broad areas and will encompass the National Curriculum and the strategic role of the PE in the wider school environment. If you have any other aim/objective  in mind please let us know.

GoActivate recognises that historically PE is often a subject overlooked, and in fact, PE makes a significant contribution to a child’s personal well-being, social development and enjoyment of the school. GoActivate aims to provide a Key Stage 1-4 National Curriculum focused quality coaching programs for children. Our aim is to ensure a fun and innovative way of learning our core PE subjects of football, cricket, tennis, karate, boxing, rugby and fitness, whilst ensuring a Value for Money delivery to our clients.


K. Mental Health a Whole School Approach

Course Leader: Dave Johnson

Aimed at: Primary and secondary teachers, leaders and support staff

This workshop offers attendees the opportunity to Learn to offer effective support to pupils and teachers with mental health concerns. It is aimed at teaching and support staff who would like to gain a better understanding of mental health issues within the school setting.

What’s covered?

  • Promoting emotional wellbeing for all pupils and teachers alike.
  • Developing provision for pupils and teachers mental health needs, maintaining and promoting mental health and well-being throughout the whole school.
  • Supportive approaches and making adjustments, encouraging declaration and discussing mental health needs.
  • Identifying and responding to mental health concerns.
  • Responding positively to challenging situations and communicating effectively.
  • Stigma and discrimination surrounding mental health
  • Enabling self-declaration, information sharing and confidentiality
  • Roles and boundaries.

Dave Johnson is a certified Psychotherapist, who has for many years specialised in child, adolescent and family therapy. Dave’s experience is extensive, he has and continues to work in a variety of educational settings, from pupil referral units, charity/community projects, mainstream comprehensive schools to a world renowned private university. Dave also operates a thriving private practice from two London based clinics situated in Marylebone and Liverpool Street, where he treats and support clients of various age groups and clinical conditions.

As well as working as a therapist, Dave also owns and operates a successful training company (ChildWell Training) who provide a variety of accredited training courses to those responsible for children and young people as part of their job role, such as childcare professionals, clinical staff and teachers. Dave is an extremely easy going therapist, trainer and positive parenting practitioner/facilitator who feels learning should be a constant and essential feature of everyone’s life and more importantly should be fun. 


L. Maths Misconceptions

Course Leader: Majid Ishaque

Aimed at: Primary and KS3 maths teachers and leaders

This course will help attendees to understand some of the common misconceptions held by pupils in their understanding of Maths. The course will delve into how we as teachers can work with pupils to overcome these barriers. Teachers will leave the course with a better understanding of where these misunderstandings arise from, how to mitigate these from occurring in the first place and how to overcome them through effective intervention.

The course will draw on information based on published research and real examples from pupils’ work.

The course is suitable for teachers in the primary age range and to a lesser extent secondary school KS3 teachers of Maths working with intervention groups.

Majid Ishaque is an experienced Head Teacher with a strong history of working in the education management industry. Currently leading Noor ul Islam Primary School in London which received an Ofsted grade of ‘Good’ in January 2018, Majid is highly skilled in coaching, developing capacity, educational consulting and classroom management. He has established himself as a strong education professional with an MBA focused on Educational Leadership International from the University of London, Institute of Education (now known as UCL Institute of London), as well as the National Professional Qualification for Headship (NPQH).



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  • Bookings are only confirmed when AMS has received a booking form and payment.
  • Early bird and group discounts only apply when payment has been received before the deadline.
  • All workshops have a limited capacity – once reached, no further bookings can be taken for that workshop. If, on the day, spaces become available due to cancellations, delegates may request to attend this workshop during registration.
  • Member discounts apply to schools who have paid their subscription for AMS membership and have no outstanding payments due. For more information about membership please click here.
  • Organisations who are not eligible for AMS membership (i.e. not a registered full-time day school with an Islamic ethos) can purchase a Service Pack and attend AMS events at member rates as well as enjoy a host of other benefits. Alternatively, you may attend the event as a non-member.


  • Bookings cancelled 29 days or more before the event date will be refunded in full.
  • Bookings cancelled 15 to 28 days before the event date will be refunded minus a £10.00 charge per ticket to cover administration costs.
  • Bookings cancelled 8 to 14 days before the event date be refunded minus a £20.00 charge per ticket to cover administration costs.
  • Bookings cancelled 7 days or less before the event date will not be refunded.
  • In the event workshops are cancelled, AMS will refund the full amount.



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