Press Release: The Association of Muslim Schools’ reaction to David Cameron’s baseless accusations during Prime Minister’s Questions

Nov 26, 2009 by

The Association of Muslim Schools wishes to express its deep disappointment in the way that David Cameron and some of his senior members, once again, used Muslim schools for political expediency.  AMS Chairman Dr Mohamed Mukadam commenting on Mr Cameron’s remarks said:

“Instead of relying on dubious reports and making wild allegations, which divide our communities, Mr Cameron should take a leaf out of the book of some of his own party members who have taken the trouble to visit Muslim schools and see some of the good work that is being done. He should also take the trouble to read Ofsted reports on Muslim schools which show clearly that they are doing just as much if not more to enhance community cohesion and promote excellence in education as their state school counterparts.”

The Associationwarns Mr Cameron that such scurrilous remarks can only damage community relations and create further divisions in our society. This type of irresponsible behaviour is certainly not what the vast majority of people of this country would like to see.

AMS UK is a Muslim schools umbrella body with around 100 affiliated schools and madrasahs.

For further information please contact AMS Chair Dr Mohamed Mukadam:
PO Box 14109,
Birmingham ,
B6 9BN
Tel: 08444 820 407


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