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9 June 2014


The Association of Muslim Schools UK (AMS UK) would like to make clear that the alleged “Trojan Horse” affair has no bearing on its work as the alleged issues that have arisen concern non AMS UK schools.

However, what seems evident from this episode of events is the appalling manner in which an entire community based on their religious beliefs and practice is viewed with suspicion; including parents, who desire the best education for their child.

The underlying principle and responsibility of all schools has to be educating pupils, preparing them for the next stage of their life and helping them to become responsible adults. Each school will have a nuanced approach to this according to the context in which it operates, their community demographics and resources available. A school’s pedagogy, therefore, needs to not only aim for academic excellence and enrichment, but also nurture the character and conduct of its pupils that is befitting to serve the the world in which we now live.

For example, AMS UK supports its members in developing their understanding on how to play a full and active part in a diverse and multi-cultural Britain. Indeed, many Muslim schools demonstrate exemplary practice with respect to fostering community cohesion, nurturing active citizenship among pupils and raising and fulfilling their aspirations. This stems from the leadership role of AMS UK and the manner in which we expect our members to manifest their Islamic ethos in a pluralist society. Examples of this include:

Parents and children of all faiths and none should have their beliefs and views respected within the educational setting they choose so that they can fulfil their potential and impact positively on modern Britain.

We look forward to continuing our dialogue with the Department for Education and other strategic bodies to ensure all schools provide a broad and balanced education and that, as a sector body, AMS UK maintains high standards with regards to how it is governed and how it regulates the activities of its members.


The Association of Muslim Schools UK (AMS UK) is a registered charity set up in 1992 representing over one hundred schools that have been established with a Muslim faith ethos across the maintained and independent sector.

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