21st Century British Muslim

AMS UK is pleased to present a unique whole-school co-operative learning course conceptualised and delivered by Werdelin Education.

This tailored 11 hour course puts Ofsted compliant student-centred learning at the fingertips of all staff by presenting simple and versatile Cooperative Learning activities. These facilitate various teaching objectives across all subjects, with no required change to lesson plans, materials or currents strategies.

Core elements of this course have been extensively trialled at Stalham Academy and have demonstrated their effectiveness beyond any doubt in relation to both measurable results and behaviour.

Specifically, 21st Century British Muslim gives a practical demonstration of how these strategies may successfully facilitate the Islamic component of the curriculum in relation to authentic identity formation in the context of “Fundamental British Values” and other requirements outlined in the Independent Schools Standards.

With a single investment, cash-strapped Muslim faith schools save money by coherently solving a number of crucial issues which would normally demand investments from multiple, uncoordinated CPD suppliers.

Benefit to schools include:

  • creating a unique collaborative school ethos
  • social skills/adab integration in every stage of all lessons
  • tightly controlled student-centred learning
  • effectively guided enquiry and exploration into tasks and knowledge
  • real-time, realistic individual assessment
  • instant, organic feedback of students’ learning process
  • critical thinking and debating skills integrated with hard learning
  • sense of self through negotiation of meanings and opinions
  • improved attainment
  • accelerated progress
  • closing achievement gaps
  • Empowering new or unqualified staff to deliver good teaching
  • For state-funded schools, collaborative learning is the most effective investment of pupil premium, according to the Sutton Trust.
  • management demonstrates ability to tackle potential radicalisation and promote Fundamental British Values through authentic, student-centred enquiry.

“Mr Werdelin has developed a propitious educational project whose significance is as far reaching as its necessity in today’s big education debates. Melding fluency of subject matter with an interactive pedagogy, his sensitivity to faith traditions and the challenges faced by teachers ensures its continued relevancy.

Mujadad Zaman, Curriculum Coordinator for Cambridge Muslim College, PhD student candidate at the Faculty of Education, Cambridge University, 2014

“Cooperative Learning is a … journey for Muslims to really develop skills in the field of education and wider  intelligences which are  crucial for  all educational  centres /institutions. … social skills, confidence building and expression; something absolutely  key  in learning, now and for all  time.”

Sultana Parvin, teacher, following second session in London, October 2015

“You get all the help and guidance you need in your teaching and planning”

 Shazia Hafiz, teacher, Apex Primary, following second session in London, October 2015

“I don’t think there is anything I could not use in my class. This course was adaptable and fun.” 

Yumna Kala, Date Valley School,  English & KS2 teacher on 21st Century British Muslim trail, London, February 2015

“Cooperative Learning can harness the existing knowledge within the Muslim community and can  provide a sophisticated manner of presenting these to the wider community. It builds confident individuals who can stand their ground and convince with real skills in cooperative communication.”

Z.K. Headteacher at Headstart Education Centre, October 2015

For more information on Cooperative Learning, this course and ancillary courses, please visit werdelin.co.uk or contact the course leader, Br. Jakob Werdelin, directly at contact@werdelin.co.uk.

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