Service Pack

AMS UK is pleased to present its services for proposed schools and organisations who are otherwise ineligible for AMS UK membership (e.g. nurseries, educational centres).

As part of our new schools support, AMS UK can assist with the registration of your school, from providing advice and guidance in the early stages, to helping you prepare for your pre-registration inspection. By purchasing the Service Pack, you will have access to experienced educationalists from the Muslim schools sector who have helped set up many schools around the country. Once your registration with the DfE is complete, you will be able to apply for AMS UK membership and enjoy the full benefits of being a member school.

Nurseries, educational centres or non-faith-designated schools can also benefit from the Service Pack and:

We are continuing to build on the range of services available to schools and we hope to update you of new and exciting initiatives throughout the year.

The Service Pack costs £250.00 per academic year. If you would like to purchase the service pack for your institution, please email