School Improvement Programme (SIP)

As part of the AMS UK School Improvement Programme (SIP), AMS UK has employed some of the best school practitioners, leaders and managers from across the public and private sectors in order to provide a support structure to improve the quality of education and care provided to our member schools. The programme aims to provide school leaders with challenge and support that is tailored to their needs and delivered to nationally consistent standards, bearing in mind the importance of Islamic tarbiyyah of Muslim children. All the SIP officers have been through a rigorous training schedule and assessments to ensure the highest quality.

A number of schools have already benefitted by taking part in the programme and have given positive feedback and praise for the support they have received.

Al-Mahad Al-Islamia, a long established girls’ school in Sheffield, is one of those schools who received SIP support. SIP advisors assisted the school in the evaluation of their Action Plans, Self Evaluation Forms and the quality of the curriculum and care provided. The headteacher and proprietor have expressed their gratitude and delight in the support and commitment they received.

“The support and commitment given by the SIPs was over and above anything we expected. The SIPs helped us tremendously in improving the quality of our documentation, policies and processes, which in turn have lead to an improvement in the quality of teaching and learning.”


To access the School Improvement Programme, available only to AMS UK member schools, please complete the initial request form below to receive more details about the personnel and services available to your school.