‘O’ my Lord Increase me in

Al-Quran (20:114)


Our vision is to provide high quality services and support for the

development of excellence in Muslim schools; nurturing love of

knowledge, continuous pursuit of taqwa (God consciousness)

and Ihsan (excellence) in all spheres of life for learners and



The Association of Muslim Schools UK (AMS UK) was established in 1992 to coordinate the work of Muslim schools and share best practice in advancing the education of Muslim children in the United Kingdom (UK). AMS UK acts as an umbrella body for registered Muslim schools in the UK, currently numbering 156 (2013), the vast majority of which are affiliated to it as members. A Muslim school is defined by having Islam as its religious designation (or character) which underpins its educational provision in terms of values and ethos.

AMS is officially recognized by the Department for Education (DfE) as representing the interests of Muslim schools and in providing support for its members to flourish in order that they make a tangible contribution to the lives and well-being of children and young people in the UK. Our members strive to ensure that they work with and serve children and families from faith and non-faith backgrounds through direct education provision, charitable activities and joint initiatives with other service providers. The membership portfolio of AMS UK, across the independent, voluntary aided and Free School spectrum includes:

  • primary schools
  • secondary schools (girls and boys)
  • residential boarding schools, some of which cater for post-16 provision that specialise in advanced Islamic study programmes.

The curriculum provision, across our members, combines teachings of Islam alongside teaching of the National Curriculum subject areas within a faith-based context. Regulatory compliance and the quality of education in Muslim schools is monitored and evaluated through school inspections commissioned by the Department for Education, and carried out by either Of sted or the Bridge Schools Inspectorate.

AMS UK is a member-led organisation and as such its leadership is democratically elected by its members. The members can participate in and contribute to the work of AMS UK by being elected onto the Executive Committee, which elects the office bearers, chairman, vice chairman and the treasurer.


Ensure that the views and interests of Muslim schools are accurately and effectively represented to statutory bodies, educational organisations and in the wider public sphere; with demonstrable impact of their work rigorously evidenced.

Encourage and promote education and schooling for Muslim children that is rooted in Islamic principles and values through the development of materials, resources and capacity building support for Muslim schools to grow and develop.

Promote and enhance effective collaboration between member schools with a view to raising educational standards, nurturing creativity in the Islamic education pedagogy, developing a new generation of role model educators and nurturing excellence in the spiritual and moral character of their students.

Provide a forum for discussion and unity amongst all those involved or interested in Islamic education that desire to make a difference to the lives of children, young people and families.

Promote better understanding and positive relationships between different faiths and cultural traditions within the UK and contribute to the creation of a harmonious and cohesive society that is based on principles of mutual respect, justice and sound acquisition and application of holistic education.