iSyllabus for Schools

Introducing iSyllabus for Schools, a new Islamic studies curriculum for Islamic secondary schools which raises the bar for quality.

iSyllabus for Schools offers a set of unique five full-colour and easy-to-use workbooks and related materials. Our material is different to any other Islamic Studies material in a number of ways. The curriculum has been designed by Islamic scholars and teachers with more than 20 years experience. All of our workbooks are written at GCSE level, with Workbook 5 covering the Islamic studies GCSEs that are currently available. Our teacher’s packs provide additional support material to help teachers structure and teach their lessons.

The curriculum has been developed with the needs and demands of modern societies in mind while at the same time keeping the rigors of traditional Islamic teachings at its core. We have kept all of our material neutral and balanced. Any possibly divisive issues have been reviewed and presented in a way that avoids confusion, leaving pupils with a clear understanding of Islam. Importantly, this allows teachers a degree of flexibility when teaching the material so as to introduce nuances in fiqh and aqidah that they may deem useful for their own pupils.

Our Workbooks are in line with the required statutory standards in schooling. Our writers and editors have used Bloom’s Taxonomy to structure workbook content, curriculum learning objectives, assessments and activities.

The national curriculum has been continuously consulted, with particular focus on citizenship, PSHCE, religious studies, and other subject areas which help develop the moral and social aspects of a student’s learning experience.

Our Workbooks feature a standardised testing structure that measures individual learning and progress. All the assessment material featured in our workbooks is written at GCSE level. The questions in the Workbooks, the regular class tests and the end of year exams are all based on the Cambridge International examinations model.

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iSyllabus for Schools is an AMS Gold Partner