Al Aqsa School Published: January 22, 2022
Leicester, United Kingdom
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Al-Aqsa School is an Independent faith based school (Islam), which provides an exceptional learning environment for both staff and pupils. We are very proud of our students who demonstrate exceptional behaviour and attitude to learning. The school is led by leaders with a high level of experience and expertise who are also backed by a very supportive Governing Body.

As a Deputy Head of the school, you will be expected to work closely with the Head on all matters related to your duties, to advise, inform, report, initiate and lead according to the legal framework and strategic choices of the school, with regards to direct accountability to the Head, in the following areas of responsibilities:

  • To carry out the role of Headteacher and that of the other Deputy Head in their absence.
  • To be a member of the Senior Leadership Team and consider major policy issues and help oversee the day to day operations of the school.
  • Jointly, with the other Deputy Head, carries out performance management reviews of a range of middle leaders with responsibility for leading various departments, in addition to managing the Professional Development Reviews of some support staff.
  • To lead the development of whole school positive behaviour management strategies and the sharing of effective classroom management practice, to support individual practitioners and encourage an ethos of shared responsibility amongst all staff.
  • To work with the Headteacher to ensure that pupil wellbeing is promoted positively, and the school is proactive in supporting the full range of needs of our young people.
  • To lead, review and manage the effective work of the pastoral team to ensure that the school is a safe and happy environment for all young people to succeed and reach their potential.
  • To develop a framework around school and incentivise good behaviour and the development of wider, highly valued employability skills that pupils and students can transfer to their lives beyond school.
  • To be the Designated Safeguarding Lead in the school, having oversight of a team of trained safeguarding alternates.
  • To have oversight of, and to develop, effective routines/systems that identify and support pupil wellbeing.
  • To oversee the pastoral care, behaviour management and careers/aspirational guidance for all pupils
  • To support pastoral staff by leading some investigations and taking requisite follow up action in relation to pupils, parents, external agencies and staff.
  • To lead school assemblies as appropriate.
  • This is a Senior Leadership post and as such the post holder will contribute to the strategic development of the whole school, take on general leadership responsibilities and contribute to any events that require senior leadership involvement during the day to day running of the school.

With the addition of this post holder, the senior leadership group will consist of the Headteacher, two Deputy Head Teachers and an office manager. Together this group will meet to facilitate effective communication and the smooth running of the school.


The Designated Safeguarding Lead should undergo training to provide them with the knowledge and skills required to carry out the role. This training should be updated at least every two years.

The Designated Safeguarding Lead should undertake Prevent awareness training.

In addition to the formal training set out above, their knowledge and skills should be refreshed (this might be via e- bulletins, meeting other Designated Safeguarding Leads, or simply taking time to read and digest safeguarding developments) at regular intervals, as required, and at least annually, to allow them to understand and keep up with any developments relevant to their role so they:

  • understand the assessment process for providing early help and statutory intervention, including local criteria for action and local authority children’s social care referral arrangement.
  • have a working knowledge of how local authorities conduct a child protection case conference and a child protection review conference and be able to attend and contribute to these effectively when required to do so
  • ensure each member of staff has access to, and understands, the school or college’s child protection policy and procedures, especially new and part time staff
  • are alert to the specific needs of children in need, those with special educational needs and young carers
  • are able to keep detailed, accurate, secure written records of concerns and referrals
  • understand and support the school with regards to the requirements of the Prevent duty and are able to provide advice and support to staff on protecting children from the risk of radicalisation
  • are able to understand the unique risks associated with online safety and be confident that they have the relevant knowledge and up to date capability required to keep children safe whilst they are online at school
  • can recognise the additional risks that children with SEN and disabilities (SEND) face online, for example, from online bullying, grooming and radicalisation and are confident they have the capability to support SEND children to stay safe online
  • obtain access to resources and attend any relevant or refresher training courses
  • Delivering tailored staff safeguarding awareness training, particularly for the supervisors, to ensure all staff are aware of early indicators of abuse, can report them appropriately and know what to do in the event of a concern.
  • encourage a culture of listening to children and taking account of their wishes and feelings, among all staff, in any measures the school may put in place to protect them

Raising Awareness

The Designated Safeguarding Lead should:

  • ensure the school’s child protection policies are known, understood and used appropriately by all staff
  • ensure the school’s child protection policy is reviewed annually (as a minimum) and the procedures and implementation are updated and reviewed regularly, and work with the Governing Board and Ofsted Consultant regarding this
  • ensure the child protection policy is available publicly on the school website and parents are aware of the fact that referrals about suspected abuse or neglect may be made and the role of the school or college in this; and
  • link with the local LSCB to make sure staff are aware of any training opportunities and the latest local policies on local safeguarding arrangements.

Reference ID: DHT

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: £23,500.00-£25,000.00 per year