Assunnah Primary School Published: March 17, 2023
London, United Kingdom
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565 High Road, London, N17 6SB 

T: 0208 350 0592 

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 Type: Full-time  

Qualifications: PGCE | QTS | ECT's are welcome to apply!  

Start Date: (March 2023) 

How to Apply: Email for Application Pack: 



This job description describes in general terms the normal duties which the post-holder will be expected to undertake. However, the job or duties described may vary or be amended from time to time without changing the level of responsibility associated with the post. 



Main Duties 

  1. Help your Key children settle at our nursery 
  1. Communicate with parents about their child 
  1. Keep an extra special eye on how your child is settling during the first few of sessions. 
  1. Assist your key children in integrating into the nursery if necessary 
  1. Ensure that the needs of your key children (in terms of race, culture, religion, language, and family values) are being met 
  1. Observe, keep records, and monitor your key children’s progress, and talk to and encourage parents to participate in their child’s development 
  1. Provide information that might be important to parents or any worries you or any other key person may. 
  1. Respect the rights of parents and their children by retaining confidential information relating to the nursery in its entirety. 
  1. Work in conjunction with parents in a statutory and professional manner 



Teaching and learning 

  1. Assist in the educational and social development of children under the direction and guidance of the Management Team.  
  1. Create and develop Individual Education Programmes for key children and help monitor their progress within the 7 areas of learning using the 17 learning goals. 
  1. Use these to make regular observations of children and report back to parents. 
  1. Lead and initiate activities and tasks planned by/with Nursery Manager 
  1. Provide support for individual key children inside and outside the classroom to enable them to fully participate in activities.  
  1. Work with other professionals, such as speech therapists and occupational therapists, as necessary.  
  1. Raise any concerns about development if noticed. 
  1. Take responsibility of up to 16 children at the setting. 
  1. Create and maintain appropriate student records as defined by the Manager 
  1. Support children with emotional or behavioural problems and help develop their social skills  



Administrative duties 

  1. Plan, prepare and set-up activities for class sessions as required by the Manager 
  1. Prepare and present displays of children's work  
  1. Make resources by hand, printing, or photocopying to assist the development of tasks for activity sessions  
  1. Undertake other duties from time to time as the Early Years Manager requires 



Standards and quality assurance 

  1. Support the aims and ethos of the nursery  
  1. Set a good example in terms of dress, punctuality and attendance  
  1. Attend team and staff meetings  
  1. Undertake professional duties that may be reasonably assigned by the Early Years Manager  
  1. Be proactive in matters relating to health and safety  
  1. Be actively involved in CPD (Continuous Professional Development) through the attendance of training session and pre-arranged courses.