New Schools Support

The Muslim school movement is a relatively young one, and many lessons are being learned, collated and shared in order to establish more successful schools.  The Association of Muslim Schools aims to be at the centre of this process.  We are currently designing ways in which we can assist new groups of people within the community to establish new schools.  It will help you decide whether pursuing such a project is viable given your circumstances, assist with the registration of your school with the Department for Children, Schools & Families and help you design the set up of resources at the outset.  Our School Support Services are also available once your school has opened.  As the nationally recognised body, by the DfE, representing Muslim faith schools in the UK we understand the unique challenges faced by new Muslim schools who wish to serve their communities.

Muslim schools are an opportunity to nurture students to become high flyers in their faith and their educational achievements.  They aim to cultivate values of the Islamic faith as a tool to understand, appreciate and contribute to society.  They aim to equip students with tools to make moral, financial, political and social decisions in life and become wholesome individuals.

Follow the link below to see the DfE’s guidance and advice on setting up an independent school;

Help available from AMS UK:  All proposers and proprietors of new Muslim schools are entitled to a one-day support visit from a local AMS Consultant and phone support.  Please contact AMS Central Office to arrange a support visit; & 0121 285 0710