Abu Bakr Primary and Girls School, Walsall was recently visited by Ofsted for an emergency inspection. A number of the independent school regulations were inspected during the visit. The school was fully compliant with the regulations that were inspected.

Inspectors undertook a tour of the school, which is based on two sites and visited classrooms to observe learning. They met with groups of pupils, the head teacher, members of the Senior Leadership Team and teaching staff.

Inspectors scrutinised a range of documents, including curriculum policies, schemes of work and records relating to admissions, attendance and behavior. The school’s safeguarding arrangements and associated records were also analysed. Inspectors met with school leaders to discuss policies and how they were implemented and the impact they have on keeping pupils safe and their development as British Citizens.

The school was inspected on the quality of education provided, the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of pupils, welfare, health and safety, the quality of leadership in and management of the school and Schedule 10 of the Equality Act.

Inspectors concluded that, ‘Teaching reflects the school’s ethos and curriculum plans which aims to ensure that pupils at the school have a well-developed understanding of modern British values. Teachers are from a range of faiths and cultures and often use this to inspire discussion and further understanding about differences and similarities in beliefs.’

With respect to the leaders and management, the inspectors stated leaders demonstrate skills and knowledge appropriate to their role and fulfil their responsibilities effectively so that the independent school standards are met consistently. They actively promote the well-being of pupils.

Inspectors also praised the school’s PSHEE curriculum. They said that, pupils receive up-to-date and impartial careers advice. Girls spoke about visitors from many different professions, industries and businesses that enhanced their classroom-based learning. They are aware of a range of options, including sixth-form colleges, apprenticeships, universities and internships.

Inspectors noted that pupils are encouraged to develop leadership skills through membership of the school council and through undertaking other responsibilities. For instance, secondary school pupils have been supporting reading in one of the local primary schools. A range of additional activities, such as school clubs and educational visits, provide pupils with opportunities to experience and understand other beliefs and cultures.

Headteacher Mrs. Hasina Varachia commented, “This report recognises the wonderful school that we have, and is a testament to the hard work and efforts of the pupils, staff, parents and everyone associated with the school. The inspectors spoke to a number of pupils during the course of the inspection and our pupils acted as excellent ambassadors for us. I am very proud indeed of everyone who contributed to this achievement. We now look forward to continuing the journey and building upon our success.