Tawhid Boys School’s involvement in the Duke of Edinburgh Award was honoured today at the DofE’s 60th Year Diamond Anniversary at Westminster Abbey, in which Is’Haaq Jasat, (Humanities Teacher and DofE Award Coordinator at Tawhid Boys School), was selected to recite a prayer representing Islam today at the Westminster Abbey in London.

This prestigious event marked the 60th anniversary of the DofE award and was well attended by 2,000 guests, comprising of DofE supporters, volunteers, as well as members from the Royal family; HM The Queen, Prince Phillip, HRH The Duke of Edinburgh, HRH The Earl and Countess of Wessex.

Tawhid Boys School have been successfully running the DofE award for the past five years and are also an official Licensed DofE Centre. Currently, three cohorts have successfully completed their DofE Bronze award. Currently, 31 pupils are undergoing the Bronze and Silver awards, with a further 29 pupils expected to commence their DofE Bronze award from January 2017.

Is’Haaq Jasat composed and recited the following prayer, entitled ‘Peace & Unity’ in front of the 2,000 guests at the Westminster Abbey:

“O Almighty, unite our hearts, guide us in the path of peace, liberate us from darkness by Your light, save us from enormities whether open or hidden. O God, You are the source of life and peace, bless us in our ears, eyes, hearts, spouses and children, make us grateful for Your bounty and full of praise for it, so that we may continue to receive it and complete Your blessings upon us. Give to us: understanding that puts end to strife, mercy that quenches hatred, and forgiveness that overcomes vengeance. Empower all people to live in your law of love, unity and peace. Aameen.”
We pray that The Almighty accepts our humble efforts and uses this prayer as a means of guidance, to help spread peace, unity and tolerance between Islam and other faiths.

Statement from Is’Haaq Jasat:

“Alhamdulillah, overall it was an overwhelming and humbling experience. I received several positive comments from guests, who were very supportive of the amazing contributions that Muslims are making in the British society and appreciated the prayers that I recited. Members from The Royal Family acknowledged the prayer and were extremely impressed with Tawhid Boys School’s involvement with the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. May The Almighty accept our efforts.”