Inspection Support Programme (ISP)


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The purpose of this programme is to support member schools in ensuring, as a minimum, that they have no regulatory failures when inspected.  ISP consultants appointed by AMS UK can visit member schools to ensure that there is compliance with each of the regulations and where there are inadequacies or improvement is needed; this is made clear to the school in the advice form.

Inspection consultants evaluate and provide feedback on:

  1. All regulatory requirements and the extent to which the school evidentially complies.
  2. Self-Evaluation of the school in relation to the key inspection judgements and the respective evidence base and justification.

This service carries a charge to cover the costs of the consultation and administration, however member schools will be subject to reduced fees. The total cost is dependent on the duration and level of support as well as the expenses for your assigned consultant, should a visit be required. AMS UK will endeavour to keep costs to a minimum.

To request support, please complete the below form and we will respond to you within 7 days. You will also be required to complete a School Information and Self-Evaluation Form and send it to

Please also ensure that you are familiar with the Independent School Standards Compliance Record when completing the form.

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Part 1 – The Quality of Education (Curriculum, Teaching, Assessment), Part 2 – SMSC, Part 3 – Welfare, Health & Safety, Part 4 – Safeguarding, Part 5 – Premises & Accommodation, Part 6 – Information to Parents and Others, Part 7 – Complaints, Part 8 – Leadership & Management


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