Section 48 Inspections

In maintained Muslim Schools, the distinctiveness of religious education and the school’s contribution to a child’s spiritual development are inspected under Section 48 of the Education Act 2005.

The Association of Muslim Schools UK is the only body accredited by the Department for Education (DfE) to undertake inspections for religious education at Muslim schools in the UK.

AMS provides trained independent inspectors to conduct Section 48 inspections. In so doing, it gives all Muslims schools access to a rigorous, reliable, valid and effective inspection process, delivered under the AMS Framework designed by Imam Sheikh Mohammad Ismail DL, Lead Inspector and Imam.


AMS Section 48 Inspection Reports:

Please click on the name of a school to view their last Section 48 report.

The Olive School Birmingham - [March 2020]
The Olive School Preston - [February 2020]
The Olive School Bolton - [February 2020]
Eden Boys' School Preston - [March 2018]
Eden Boys' School Birmingham - [March 2018]
Preston Muslim Girls High School - [January 2018]
Bolton Muslim Girls School - [November 2017]
Eden Girls' School Coventry - [September 2017]
Feversham College - [October 2017]
Eden Boys School Bolton - [July 2017]
Eden Girls' School Waltham Forest - [May 2017]
The Olive School Blackburn - [May 2017]
The Olive School Hackney - [April 2017]
Olive Tree Primary School - [April 2017]
Zaytouna Primary School - [March 2017]
Tauheedul Islam Boys' High School - [February 2017]
The Orchard School - [January 2017]
Iqra Slough Islamic Primary School - [July 2016]
Iqra VA Primary School - [June 2016]
Islamia Primary School - [June 2015]
Tauheedul Islam Girls' High School - [June 2015]
Al-Furqan Primary School - [June 2015]
Al-Hijrah School - [May 2015]
Gatton VA Primary School - [May 2015]
Madani Boys School - [October 2014]
Madani Girls School - [October 2014]


Downloads for schools:

Self Evaluation Form (Primary)
Self Evaluation Form (Secondary)
Parental Questionnaire