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Assessment Only Route


If you are an experienced, unqualified teacher, the AMS offers a fast-track to professional accreditation. We have partnered with an outstanding provider of initial teacher training, the Chiltern Learning Trust.

The AO route allows you to demonstrate that you already meet all of the standards for Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) without the need for any further training.

Our Assessment-Only Route to Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) is available to teachers in the UK with more than two years of teaching experience, who have not undergone formal teacher training.

With a termly intake and a maximum of 12 weeks for assessment, it is a fast and flexible way to gain Qualified Teacher Status.

We are also providing candidates an opportunity to either receive a bursary that covers the cost of the course or self-fund. The bursary is being supported by the National Zakat Foundation.

Is This Programme For Me?

You must be able to demonstrate the following:

Teacher Experience2022-03-06T19:44:52+00:00

At least two years of teaching experience in two or more contrasting schools (one may be your current).

  • Your two years of teaching experience is undertaken in whole classes, where you’ve planned, taught and assessed pupils over time. Cover is usually not suitable experience for AO.
  • If you have taught in only one school, a teaching placement of between 3-6 weeks in another school will be required prior to the start of the route. We may be able to assist you in organising a placement school.
  • If you have taught in a second school, evidence of planning, marking, assessing and reporting on pupils’ work is required.
  • The AO route is not an Initial Teacher Training programme and all candidates must be fully ready for assessment at the time of application. The application and interview process will review candidates’ eligibility and places are allocated when requirements have been met.
  • You should be currently teaching your subject in a school to full classes for at least 50% of a full school timetable (approximately 12 hours per week).
  • Support from your employing school is required throughout the course.
  • There may be further checks if you have lived or worked outside the UK.
Funding Criteria2022-03-03T21:38:03+00:00

Bursary funding is available to those that cannot afford to self-fund. The award of the bursary is done by the National Zakat Foundation and is subject to assessment. More information around bursary eligibility is available by clicking below.

Self-funding will cost circa £2500

Suitability Criteria2022-03-03T21:40:34+00:00

Meet all of the Teachers’ Standards across the age-range of assessment. Meet the teaching suitability criteria such as physical capacity to teach, Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) criminal records checks, children’s barred list information etc.

School Criteria2022-03-03T21:42:41+00:00

Your school must be in support of your potential application for AO.

The route consists of a few simple steps:


You complete an initial enquiry form which is assessed by our team.

Work Placement

Undertake a placement (if applicable).


Complete your application form and undertake an interview (you, your school and mentor) so that our team can judge whether you are likely to meet the National Teachers’ Standards within a maximum 12-week period without further training.


We undertake two school visits within the 12-week period, to determine your success. The Assessor will interview you, hold meetings with your mentor and conduct lesson observations. They will scrutinise your planning, marking, report writing and record of professional development. Evidence provided to meet the standard will be assessed.

Click here to apply

Why Choose Us?

Expert Guidance

Friendly Team On Hand To Support You Through the Whole Process.


Bespoke Assessment Route Developed to Support the Needs of AMS Member Schools.

Work Placement

Support in Sourcing a Second School Placement.

 Track Record

Proven Track Record of Supporting Over 100 AO Candidates.


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