Wellness Series

This 9-month program is designed to help school leaders develop the skills and strategies needed to not only excel in their professional roles but also experience personal growth and fulfilment.

Program Benefits

Enhanced Well-Being

Professional Growth

Better Work-life Balance

Improved Leadership Skills

Positive Impact Through Enhanced School Culture


Increased Resilience

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Senior Leaders

Middle Leaders

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The programme will be run by Meherun Hamid, Headteacher of Apex Primary (Islamic School in Ilford). She has been a headteacher at Apex for over 12 years and understands the challenges of managing an Islamic school – from limited budgets, staffing, SEND, DSL, premises, covering classes and the list goes on.

Meherun’s interest in self-development started during the COVID lockdown and over the last few years she has completed a number of courses on coaching, self-development, mental health and wellbeing. She has noticed an increase in mental health issues in both children and staff and has started incorporating coaching and wellbeing programmes at Apex. She now wants to offer programmes to support school leaders and teachers in other schools.


This programme is FREE and available to our Member schools (max. 2 participants per school).

If you are unsure of the status of your membership, or would like your school to become a member, please email admin@ams-uk.org.

‘Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result’


I would highly recommend Meherun. She is an outstanding coach. She asks the right questions to really explore issues that you haven’t thought of. Meherun guides you and supports you make important changes to better your life. She is a very experienced coach, she doesn’t dictate to you. The decisions are yours. She helps you define a clear path for your future and then puts together a plan with you, to achieve those goals She is extremely supportive. She really is 5 star: the best!

Tracey Hutchison, Special Ed teacher / former Headteacher - March 2023

Had an amazing coaching session with Meherun Hamid – yesterday. As leaders, sometimes we are so busy dealing with everyone else’s problems, that it was good to share my problem with someone else. Meherun listened and reassured me, but also redirected my focus back to the positives. Then my problem didn’t really seem like a problem! Feeling very positive again. I would highly recommend a session

Kiranjeet Sokhi, Deputy Headteacher - Nov 2022

Thank you so much for the session today. It was really helpful! The introductory session allowed me to take a step back and gain a perspective into where I see myself in the next few years and the steps required to get there. Your approach in questioning created a safe and calm space to discuss challenges faced in the past. I was easily able to reflect back on situations that had an impact on my career and also where I want to be. I feel as though I am more aware now of the action steps required in order to get there.

Mehwish Shabir , Teacher - Jan 2022
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