Assessment Only Route


If you are an experienced, unqualified teacher, the AMS offers a fast-track to professional accreditation. We have partnered with an outstanding provider of initial teacher training, the Chiltern Learning Trust.

The Assessment Only (AO) route allows you to demonstrate that you already meet all of the standards for Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) without the need for any further training.

Our AO Route to QTS is available to teachers in the UK with more than two years of teaching experience, who have not undergone formal teacher training.

With a termly intake and a maximum of 12 weeks for assessment, it is a fast and flexible way to gain Qualified Teacher Status.

The cost of the entire programme is £2,500 plus the expenses associated with the two school visits we must undertake at your school. This will need to be self-funded. Further information is available upon application.

Benefits of becoming a qualified teacher through the assessment only route

Secure a recognised qualification

Flexible learning to suit your timetable

Opens further opportunities for professional growth

Supports the development of your school

How to get qualified


Complete the Initial Interest Form so we can check you’re all set to get qualified


Upon successfully meeting the eligibility criteria, you will be asked to complete and return an application form and school declaration forms.

The assessment team will conduct a formal interview and discuss the evidence you have collected for QTS to date. If you are successful at the interview stage your assessor will set targets for you to work on.

The assessor will undertake 2 school visits within the 12-week period. On these visits the assessor will conduct lesson observations, meet with you and your mentor and scrutinise the evidence you have collated so far. By the end of the 12-week period you must provide evidence to demonstrate that you meet all aspects of the Teachers’ Standards.

There will be two opportunities during the academic year 2023/2024 for applicants to apply. The first cohort intake will be September 2023 and the second cohort intake in January 2024. Please note, the process from application through to completion is typically a 6 month period.

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