Trusted Utility Consultants

AMS has teamed up with Trusted Utility Consultants (TUC) Ltd – Having worked with some of UKs largest Islamic organisations, TUC is a recognised and established utility broker, who specialises in utility cost reduction and consultancy matters relating to the utility sector.

For all businesses, the fundamentals are to have a solid foundation. A core part of that is to keep a close eye on your expenditure ensuring you are getting the best deal at all times. TUC has a solid business relationship with over eight energy suppliers, therefore enabling TUC to negotiate and drive down energy unit rates which we then pass onto our customers.

Our promise is:

  • To provide full transparency – ensuring every step of our process is made clear to you, the customer, from collating supplier information, negotiating unit rates, through to renewal or acceptance of new services.
  • Provide a hassle free service.
  • All products, services and prices will be offered to the customer according to industry guidelines, regulations and best pricing quoted on the day of request.
  • As well as assisting the members with gas and electricity contracts, TUC can also offer support on telecoms upgrades and access to IT/Telecoms grants where applicable.
  • All services offered are free of charge

At TUC we guarantee you are always in total control of your business requirements, we will aid you to become financially leaner and watch you grow. For more information, visit or speak to one of our account managers, on (01494) 473273 or alternatively email: