Train to be a teacher at a Muslim school

Join our February 2024 cohort

Train to be a teacher at a Muslim school

Join our February 2024 cohort

Join our February 2024 cohort

Join our February 2024 cohort

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This programme is crafted to support those entering or recently entered the teaching profession, as well as those aiming to rejoin. It is particularly well-suited for new budding teachers who have no prior teaching experience or qualifications. Additionally, the program is designed to support teachers still in the early stages of their careers, whether in schools or supplementary settings. Moreover, individuals who wish to return to teaching after having taught before will find valuable resources and guidance in this program.

An educational institution (school) that has a faith designation / religious character of Islam, with the majority of students being Muslim. These schools are all registered with the Department for Education (DFE), and undergo inspections by Ofsted or another relevant inspectorate, similar to all other schools. Muslim schools provide a holistic educational experience that emphasises the whole child’s development from academic excellence to the character and spiritual growth. Muslim schools were first established in the UK over 40 years ago and today we have over 170 schools across the UK. They have served over 1 million Muslims in that time, with many making significant contributions to the community at large. Today these schools serve around 40,000 young Muslims.

Teaching in a Muslim school offers you the opportunity to align your career with a higher purpose and be part of a mission to educate and empower the next generation of Muslims. Islam put’s a great emphasis on education from the very beginning, with the first words of the Quran being ‘Iqra’ – to read. Our beloved Prophet PBUH was sent as a teacher and educator, who transformed the hearts and minds of those around him. Today, teachers at Muslim schools stand at the forefront of nurturing knowledge and values from one generation to the next, as well as developing skill sets which will serve young students throughout their life. Teaching is a form of Sadaqah Jariyah (continuous charity) for which Allah SWT greatly rewards and in the dunya leads to a deep sense of personal satisfaction.

There are many opportunities for professional growth within a Muslim school. Starting as a classroom teacher, educators can progress into leadership roles such as department heads, curriculum coordinators, and participation in school improvement initiatives. Muslim schools also provide a working environment based on Islamic values and which accommodates for Islamic practices and traditions such as the daily prayers and other commitments outside of work including the last 10 nights of Ramadan and Eid.

This programme has been designed around the teachers’ standards. These teaching standards are nationally recognised as the criteria that an effective educator must have. Upon completion of the programme, participants would have developed an entry-level understanding of the knowledge and skills required to become an effective teacher. Participant’s learning will be captured in a portfolio which will evidence their learning journey and act as an aide-memoire for post-programme completion.

All participants are required to take a 2-5 day placement at a school of their choice. This placement will enable participants to evidence the learning that they have undertaken. This placement will also enable participants to gain an appreciation of the working environment in a Muslim school.

The learning modules you will undertake include:

This multifaceted delivery program integrates online learning, self-study, and hands-on experience.

Over a span of 10 weeks, you’ll engage in a flexible learning approach, combining self-guided study and online sessions with fellow trainees. This structure accommodates your existing commitments with dedicated weekly self-study hours. Classed will be held on Saturday’s between 09:00-11:30, delivered by the AMS programme instructor, covering key learning modules.

During the course of this programme, delegates will be required to undertake a placement at a school to solidify and enrich their learning.

At the end of the programme delegates will be required to submit a portfolio, evidencing their learning. This will be reviewed by the programme instructor and upon completion, a certificate of completion will be awarded.

Prospective candidates must be at least 18 years old, eligible to work in the UK and have a good command of written and spoken English


All participants will be required to demonstrate their successful (prior) achievement of academic study as follows:


1. GCSE English and Maths – at grade 4 (traditionally a ‘C’) and above;

2. Successful completion of level 3 qualifications or their equivalent (e.g A levels);


3. Successful completion of level 4 qualifications or above.

Note: If you do not have the required academic qualifications but feel you are still suitable for this programme, please email stating how you are suitable for the programme team to consider.

Full attendance

The programme will commence on the 3rd February 2024 with online live sessions every Saturday from 09:00 to 11:30 GMT over 10 weeks. The programme will end on the 27th April 2024 with a break for Ramadan between the 17th March 2024 and 12th April.

Certification of completion will only awarded to those who attend 90% of the live sessions as this forms a compulsory component of the programme.


The completion of the programme is subject to participants being able to secure a school-based placement of at least 2 days but preferably 5 days or more before the programme ends on the 27th April 2024.

Delegates are solely responsible for securing their placements with a school. While AMS will assist by signposting you to Muslim schools, delegates must proactively communicate with schools and find an agreement. It is recommended to secure a placement early, and confirmation is required by module 5 of the program (9th March). The AMS will provide a reference letter to support you in securing a placement. This will help in communicating to the school what experience you are looking to undertake.

Placement must be completed by the end of the programme on the 27th April 2024.

Mr Haroon Asghar is an accomplished executive leader with over 20 years of experience in developing teachers, middle leaders and senior leadership. A qualified teacher, he has a masters degree in educational leadership and a national professional qualification for executive leadership. He has taught across the primary, secondary, further and higher education sectors. As a serving executive principal, Haroon has expertise in corporate governance, system leadership and school improvement. His interests are in leadership, curriculum, and teacher professional development. He also has a strong interest in social justice amongst disadvantaged communities.

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A programme specifically designed with Muslim schools in mind, with an instructor who understands Muslim schools.

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Gain the confidence to move into a teaching role by developing a comprehensive portfolio showcasing the skills and knowledge you have acquired

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This part-time course is designed to be flexible around your other commitments

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