Advocacy and Representation

One of the core roles of AMS UK is to represent the views and interests of Muslim schools to the Department for Education, statutory bodies and the private sector where appropriate. The sphere of education attracts a broad coalition of partners across the public, private and community spectrum.

In this respect, AMS UK seeks to ensure Muslim schools play a dynamic role in nurturing talent, building stronger communities and contributing to economic well-being for all through partnership and advocacy activities.

An important aspect of this role involves participation in consultation forums on education policy and the dissemination of information from such activities to our member schools. AMS UK also makes written submission, where appropriate to consultations on education policy changes, particularly those that may impact on Muslim schools and the provision of values-based, faith-sensitive education.

AMS UK has participated in many discussions on the subject of Islamic education and Muslim schools via television, radio and print media to not only demonstrate the positive impact of Muslim schools but to also counter the inaccurate and sometimes negative portrayal of Muslim schools across different media.